Look and see what you get to do at a 3D Mike Phillips Detailing Class!

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Look and see what you get to do at a 3D Mike Phillips Detailing Class!

Check it out!

The cars in the background are great examples of the type of cars you'll be training on. The white SUV is a modern, ultra high-end Range Rover SVR. The black car is a 1955 Chevy Bel Air RestoMod that I'm personally sanding and buffing. These are just examples. In most of my classes the cars are out-of-this world so not only do you learn a lot but you have a LOT of fun to!

I document what my classes look like more than any other company or instructor on planet Earth. Check it out for yourself and then TRY to find anything like this in-depth photo documentation.

545 pictures that show what a 3D Mike Phillips Detailing Class looks like!

Hands-On Training
If you learn better by DOING versus SITTING in a chair - these are the BEST car and boat detailing classes on Planet Earth!

In this picture I'm placing my hand on the FLEX PE14 Cordless Rotary Polisher to show Manny - exactly how hard to push down on the head of the tool, how slow to move the tools, and the pattern to use when buffing large panels.


He's also working on a local 1967 Ford Fairlane Convertible Muscle Car!

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Mike Phillips

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2023 February 3-Day Detailing Class in Stuart Florida - NO CHAIRS - NO SITTING - 100% Hands On

Other classes use the words HANDS-ON in their marketing and promotions - but I PROVE IT!


Mike Phillips BIG 3-Day Detailing Classes with 3D Products!

These are the most hands-on detailing classes on planet Earth or anywhere else in the known galaxy!

Day 1 - Multiple-Step Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings -Plus 1-Step Production Detailing. Glass Polishing, Engine Detailing, Headlight Correction - Extreme Prep Washing

Day 2 - How to use the 3D Dry Sanding System and FLEX Rotary Polishers to create a show car finish - Real cars - not demo panels!

Day 3 - Boat Detailing - Including machine sanding, rotary polishers, orbital polishers and How to install Gelcoat Ceramic Coatings.

The most hands-on class and the best bang for your buck

The price for the above 3-day class is $1,595.00 with a $100.00 3D Store Credit.

I know from experience people travel to Stuart, Florida from all over the United States and from around the world to take this 3-day class so in one weekend you will learn the three most popular and profitable topics in the detailing industry. There are no other classes that even come close to the amount of hands-on time you'll get at one of these 3-day classes. Heck, most 2 day classes only cover what we cover in the first day and COST MORE!

If you have any questions about the class - please call Mike Phillips during normal business hours, (9-5) Monday through Friday Eastern Time

Cell: 772-310-9712

3D Training Center/Warehouse/Store
2648 SE Market Place
Stuart, FL 34997

Friday, February 17th
Saturday, February 18th
Sunday, February 19th

Click this link to sign-up online


Call Charlie to sign-up over the phone: 661-678-9614