Bead it up question


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So can you or is is ok to wipe down a vinyl convertible top with bead it up? I normally use Rag Top but since trying Bead it Up I really am liking it! It last waaaay longer that Bead Maker .(I'm converted!)

Mike Phillips

Global Director of Training
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I've done 3 convertible tops now using Bead It Up and I believe in one of my videos I stressed that besides the normal THOROUGH cleaning of the vinyl top first, after thoroughly applying the Bead It UP you need to thoroughly wipe it off. It's not like a normal dressing that you can let soak in over night if you wanted to.


  1. Wash thoroughly then dry.
  2. Massage wet application over and into grain of vinyl.
  3. Thoroughly remove any excess.
  4. Allow to dry for 24 hours

The resulting appearance is a richer sheen, not a wet look like most vinyl dressing give you. It looks factory fresh.