Mike Phillips BIG 3-day detailing classes

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    Open for business - 3D Detailing Supplies in Stuart, Florida

    awsome work mike, yancy, james, cant wait to visit.....
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    Can't talk now - or can't type now...

    that is a ton of work, your articles are exact and informative , always a pleasure reading your work
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    Pictures and comments - VIP South America Detailing Class at 3D in Stuart, Florida

    (y)(y)(y) beautiful work , awesome class , cant wait to get back,,,,,,
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    Pictures and comments - VIP South America Detailing Class at 3D in Stuart, Florida

    beautiful.... the class will leave with a lifetime of memories, great job MIke
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    How to safely wash your car for a scratch-free finish

    great post Mike , reading all the information you put into these posts never gets old !! :):)
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    2022 Audi RS 6 Avant - New Car Ceramic Coating

    wow not many coatings can give you that result, nice work MIke, 3D products are top shelf, very good
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    Training Cars and Boats for April 3-Day Detailing Class

    wow another great class, im sure everyone attending will rember there class weekend for a lifetime. no one on planet earth even comes close to Mikes detailing classes. kudos
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    Thursday Night Detail Class - 1971 Cutlass Convertible

    very cool, wish i could make the party :(
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    Training Cars for Mike Phillips BIG 3-Day Detailing Class in February - Stuart, Florida

    beatufil car, will be more better after the class works mikes magical polishing teaching course. rock on guys and gals !
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    NEW! Stuart, Florida Training Academy, Store, Recording Studio and Warehouse!

    wow very very nice , cant wait to attend class again 😊😊
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    Hotels, Airports and Restaurants s near 3D's Training Center

    great information Mike, looking foward to seeing the new class room
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    American Muscle Car Museum - 3D Products Virtual Tour

    cant see the pictures you posted :(
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    The Zen and art of washing a car by Mike Phillips

    beautifully written , most would say a car wash is just soap and water, but at Mikes class you will find out all the differences from what Mike has just wrote.